City Hall

City of Imperial Vision Statement
Adopted January 16, 2002

Our Vision:
A rebuilt and redeveloped City anchored by an attractive, well-maintained central business district, quality residential areas and subdivisions, excellent schools and an economically vibrant business community, all contributing to a socially diverse and culturally rich city with a strong sense of identity, pride, and environmental awareness, and governed by an active community- involved citizenry focused on the principle of stewardship.

Our Mission:
To promote and provide for the safety, health and welfare of our citizens and business community, it is the Mission of the City of Imperial through its elected officials, appointed officials, employees and volunteers to:

  • Provide customer service in a professional, cost-effective and innovative manner, consistent with the values of integrity, teamwork, stewardship, competence, politeness and respect.
  • Provide land use planning direction that preserves City heritage and quality of life while promoting community improvement and economic development.
  • Commit appropriate revenues to fund innovative, high quality, cost-efficient City programs and services while maintaining adequate reserves for unforeseen event or opportunities.
  • Regularly evaluate City programs and services and revise them when appropriate.
  • Seek the involvement of citizens in City government and planning, and foster civic leadership.