Keep Saving Imperial

Mandatory Water Conservation

A Special Meeting of the Imperial City Council was held on Wednesday August 24, 2016, to discuss new water conservation regulations for the City of Imperial. The City Council voted to lift the watering day restrictions. Residents are now permitted to water any day of the week. In compliance with the Executive Order B-37-16 issued by Governor Brown of the State of California all the following regulations are still in effect:


The following regulations are still in effect:

Water runoff that flows onto adjacent property or public sidewalks and roads is prohibited.
Fix: Adjust your sprinkler system and sprinkler timing so that there is no runoff onto the sidewalks or streets.
The use of potable water in a fountain without a recirculating system is prohibited.
Fix: Verify your fountain or water feature has a recirculating water system or install


The use of a hose with no nozzle that dispenses potable water is prohibited.
Alternative: Use a hose with a shut-off nozzle when washing your car. 


The use of potable water to wash
driveways and sidewalks is prohibited.
Alternative: Use a broom to clean your driveway. 



Failure to comply with the mandated restrictions  (watering schedules, water runoffs etc. ) will lead to a progressive fine up to $500.


Who complies?

All potable water users (residential, commercial, etc.)
Excludes canal water.


Explore Ways to Save Water from ACWA on Vimeo.

All City Parks will be watered on their designated days. The Splash Pad will remain operational as it is on a recirculating system.

For questions, please call City Hall at (760) 355-1247