Building Inspection Online Request Form

Inspection Process:

One day advanced notice is required for Inspection scheduling. Our inspection request line and e-mail request box can be accessed 24 hours a day; however, you must request your inspection by 4:00 PM the preceding business day. We cannot accommodate specific times nor early or late requests. Your permit card and approved plans must be made available at the time of inspection.


To request an inspection, you may call, email or use the form below.
Phone: (760)355-1151


Your inspection request message must include the following (in this order, and please speak slowly and clearly):

  • Permit Number
  • Street Address
  • Day/Date of Inspection
  • Name on the Building Permit
  • Your Telephone Number
  • Type of Inspection Requested

If you do not provide all of the information above, an inspection will not be made.
You will not receive a call back.

As long as you call your inspection in before 4:00 PM the business day before you need it and you provide all the information noted above, your inspection will be scheduled as requested. Specific inspection time can not and will not be scheduled via the recording. A list of daily inspections can be found here.

Today's Inspection Schedule

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO PROVIDE ACCESS TO THE INSPECTOR FOR THE INSPECTION. If you are unable to be there, you will need to leave a note giving the inspector permission to enter and a key or unlocked door or gate. Additionally, inspectors will not enter backyards when dogs are present or enter houses when only minors are present.

Inspectors do not carry ladders, therefore ladders must be provided when necessary to perform the inspection.

A re-inspection fee may be collected when additional inspections are required due to incomplete work, work which is covered prior to inspection (and which the covering material must be removed to allow inspection), work requiring correction and re-inspection, and other similar situations.


Use this form to request a building inspection from the City of Imperial Building and Planning Department. Place your building permit number and owner in the marked text boxes. The contact telephone (mandatory) and email (optional) will prove helpful if we need to contact you for any information that can speed up the process.

Check any/all the relevant boxes pertaining to your building inspection request and finally type the three black symbols (letters and/or numbers) in the marked text area as they are shown on the graphic.