Water & Sewer Rate Study

2017 Water & Sewer Rate Study

The City of Imperial last performed a water and sewer rate study in 2009. Since then, the City has implemented the rate structure as outlined in that study with the last increase occurring in August 2013. The City has continued to perform major repairs to water and sewer systems without fully passing these costs to our rate payers. The City Council of the City of Imperial contracted Bartle Wells & Associates to perform a water and sewer rate study. The findings of the study determined the rate increases projected to provide sufficient funds for operations and infrastructure spending.

Proposition 218 notices were mailed to residents on October 20, 2017. The notices were sent in accordance with Proposition 218, a state law which requires providers of public utility services to notify rate payers of increases in proposed rates. If you received one of these notices it is because your property receives utility services from the City of Imperial. 

Important Link: Proposition 218 Mailer PDF

The City's water and sewer utilizes enterprise fund operations. They are separate from the City's General Fund activities such as parks, streets, public safety, etc. Enterprise fund operations are designed to operate like a business with fees and charges. They are set at a sufficient rate to cover the operating and capital infrastructure costs necessary to manage the water and sewer facilities. As a public agency by state law, the City may NOT collect more revenue than necessary to cover annual operating costs, including capital infrastructure expenditures.

Proposed Water Rate Changes

Currently, a water customer is charged a monthly fixed rate and volumetric rates based on three usage tiers. The proposed rates include a monthly fixed charge based on a customer's meter size and one volumetric rate shown in the table below.   
Water Rates - Existing and Proposed  
















Proposed Sewer Rate Changes

The current wastewater rate structure includes two customer classes; residential and nonresidential. Currently, both classes pay the same monthly fixed charge. Residential customers pay a volumetric rate of $.93 per Hundred Cubic Feet (HCF) if they use more than 36 HCF in a month. Non-residential customers pay a volumetric rate of $2.42 per HCF if they use more than 21 HCF in a month. The proposed single family residential rate is a monthly fixed charge of $56.45 in FY 2017-19. The proposed multi-family residential rate is monthly fixed charge of $48.40 per unit in FY 2017-2018. The proposed rates for nonresidential customers are the greater of the residential fixed charge, or a uniform, volumetric rate based on the customers discharge strength. 
Sewer Rates Existing & Proposed in the City of Imperial 2017 Rate Study
To see the complete rate study please click this link: 2017 City of Imperial Water & Sewer Rate Study

To Protest this Change: 

1) Notify the City of Imperial in writing by close of business December 5, 2017 that you oppose the proposed  increase. You must identify the property affected by the proposed rates, and the property owner or tenant who is a City of Imperial customer must sign and print their name on the written protest. The protest(s) must be sent to the CITY CLERK, 420 SOUTH IMPERIAL AVENUE, IMPERIAL, CA 92251. OR

2) Attend the December 6, 2017 public hearing at the City Council Chambers located at 220 W 9th Street, Imperial, Ca 92251 at 7PM and submit your written protest before the close of the public hearing.