Community Development Department

City Planning

The function of the Planning & Development Department is to coordinate and administer the planning program for the City of Imperial, in order to solve and prevent development-related problems that adversely affect the quality of life in the City, through a proactive approach to both short and long term planning. The planning program consists primarily of long range (or "comprehensive") planning, current planning, and technical support to the City Administrator.

Planning and Building Forms:
Planning Permit Application
Imperial Encroachment Permit Application
Imperial Zoning Map
Imperial Subdivision Map
Imperial Subdivision Summary
Imperial Sphere of Influence
Imperial Recycle Presentation (MS Power Point File)

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Downtown Imperial Redevelopment Master Plan & Design Guidelines

Downtown ImperialThe Downtown Imperial Redevelopment Master Plan is the foundation to facilitate positive change within Downtown Imperial.

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City of Imperial Impact Fee Reports:

City of Imperial General Plan:

City of Imperial Zoning Code:

Subdivision Ordinance:

Infrastructure Standards:

Information requests should be directed to the City of Imperial Engineering Division.




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Development Impact Fee Schedule

  Single Family
(per dwelling unit)
(per dwelling unit)
Administrative Facilities $253.91 $253.91 $235.54
(per 1,000sf)
Fire Facilities $116.32 $116.32 $107.90
(per 1,000sf)
Law Enforcement Facilities $242.17 $242.17 $224.65
(per 1,000sf)
Library Facilities $263.52 $245.14 No Fee
Park Facilities $1,504.92 $1,399.92 No Fee
Circulation Facilities $514.76 $357.69 $22.43 per ADT
Total $2,895.59 $2,615.16 varies
(land use dependent)
Water Capacity Fees = 2,213.78 per equivalent dwelling unit (EDU)
Sewer Capacity Fees = 1,844.82 per equivalent dwelling unit (EDU)