Redevelopment Agency

The City of Imperial Redevelopment Agency was created in 2002 as a means of stimulating economic growth through business expansion, infrastructure improvements and job creation. This is done by providing assistance to businesses located or planning to locate within the Redevelopment Agency Project Area. Existing businesses are encouraged to expand and/or upgrade facilities, and new businesses are welcome to locate in the City of Imperial.

Low Moderate Income Housing Fund and Other Assets Due Diligence Draft Report

Imperial Redevelopment Agency Enforceable Obligation Payment Schedule
Imperial Redevelopment Agency Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule


What is the Purpose of Redevelopment?

Redevelopment aims to assist local governments in revitalizing their communities. It encourages new development and jobs, and generates tax revenues in declining areas. By using its unique powers to focus public investment in the redevelopment area, the Agency helps attract and guide private investment to improve living and working conditions and to spur economic growth. The Agency can assist developers and business owner with funding and/or property acquisition. The extent of assistance provided is based on a project's ability to meet any or all of the following objectives:

  • Generation of Additional Tax Increment Revenue

  • Generation of Sales Tax Revenue

  • Provision of Jobs

  • Elimination of Blight

For more information, please contact:

City Manager
Stefan T. Chatwin

City of Imperial
420 South Imperial Avenue
Imperial, California 92251
Office: (760) 355-4373
Fax:(760) 355-4718

Community Development Director
Othon Mora

City of Imperial
420 South Imperial Avenue
Imperial, CA 92251
Fax (760) 355-4718

Current Programs


The Redevelopment Agency's Housing Program dedicates a portion of the tax increment generated through the Agency's real estate activities to the development of affordable housing. A portion of the Redevelopment Agency's budget is set aside to create and improve housing opportunities for low-income families and individuals for the purchase and rehabilitation of homes.

Economic Development

The Redevelopment Agency's Economic Development Program aims to create employment opportunities in project and survey areas and to expand the tax base in these neighborhoods. This function includes participation in initiatives to assist employers maintain and expand City of Imperial operations, as well as business assistance and attraction activities in the project area.

Businesses interested in Redevelopment Agency assistance should submit a letter of interest which contains the following information:

  • Amount of financial investment by the business, and
  • The location of the business site, and
  • The number of new jobs to be generated by the business, and
  • The amount of financial assistance requested, and
  • The specific use for the assistance.

The letter of interest should be addressed to the Imperial Redevelopment Agency, 420 South Imperial Avenue, Imperial, CA 92251.