Public Services

Notice to Residents Public Hearing on Water & Sewer Rates

The City of Imperial last performed a water and sewer rate study in 2009. Since then ,the City has implemented the rate structure as outlined in that study with the last increase occuring in August 2013. The City has continued to perform major repairs to water and sewer systems without fully passing these cotsto our rate payers. The City Concil of the City of Imperial contracted an independant consultant to perform water and sewer rate studies. the findings of the studies determined the rate increases projected to provide sufficient funds for operations and infrastructure spending.

2016 Water Quality Report

Once again we are proud to present our annual water quality report covering the period between January 1 and December 31, 2016. In a matter of only a few decades, drinking water has become exponentially safer and more reliable than at any other point in human history. Our exceptional staff continues to work hard every day—at any hour—to deliver the highest quality drinking water without interruption.

Repairs Aten Boulevard east of SR86

On JUNE 15 2017, The City of Imperial and Union Pacific Railroad will be performing maintenance repairs to the railroad track located on Aten Boulevard, east of SR 86, in Imperial, Ca. (East) Aten Boulevard is expected to be closed from 7am to 5pm, or until the project is completed. Drivers are encouraged to take alternate routes to their destinations on that day. Detours will be posted for east and west traffic.


Temporary Traffic Control Plans for Neckel Road - Sewer and Waterline Improvements

Recently, the City of Imperial awarded Bid No. 2016-01 to A&R Construction for the Sewer and Waterline Improvement Project on Neckel Road. Starting Monday, June 27, 2016 East and West access to Neckel Road from SR86 will be restricted as construction begins. The project currently has a six week completion timeline. During which time drivers are encourage North-bound traffic to use 15th street to Rodeo Drive as an access point to the Sunset Ranch and Springfield Subdivisions. South-bound traffic is encouraged to use Ralph Road to Cannon Drive.

El Nino Warning

"Since the first indication that a powerful El Niño was set to develop, there has been significant speculation about what impacts it would have within the United States. El Niño is defined by above-normal sea surface temperatures in the eastern and central equatorial Pacific Ocean. Occurring every two to five years, El Niño's most significant effects on North America occur during the wintertime."(source,  However, California is the bear the brunt of the impact into the Spring of 2016. Below are a few tips that you can do as residents and business owners to prepare yourself for this unpredictable weather.