Trash and Recycling

Allied Waste (Republic Services) is under contract with the City of imperial to collect garbage, curbside recycling and yard waste collection.

Imperial residents are provided with three toters/containers: garbage (black), recycling (blue), and yard waste (green or brown). All three are normally picked up on Wednesday mornings. 

The black toter is for regular household trash or any items that cannot be disposed of in your recycling or green waste carts. All waste disposed of as trash should be bagged before it is placed inside the cart.


Please do not dispose of the following items in your toter(s):

Construction debris, dirt, etc.
Debris from construction and demolition projects must be recycled. For more information, click here.

Hazardous materials (motor oil, cleaning products, pool chemicals, car batteries, etc.)
Used motor oil may be taken various local auto parts store for recycling. Other hazardous materials may be disposed of during special roundup events held throughout the year.

Hot ashes or hot coals are not acceptable.
They must be at room temperature before discarding in the cart.

Bulky items such as furniture, appliances, etc.
Items that are too large or too heavy to fit in the toters/containers can be picked up by Allied Waste at no charge.


What can I recycle?

Everyone in Imperial is encouraged to decrease the amount of waste sent to the landfill. California state law (Assembly Bill 341) mandates recycling for all businesses that generate more than four cubic yards of solid waste per week and multifamily dwellings of five units or more. All residents are provided a blue toter for commingling of recyclable materials. The following items can be recycled and should be placed in the blue toters/containers:

Recycle Plastics


  • bottles with the #1 and #2 marks
  • containers with the #1 and #2 marks

Recycle Glass


  • bottles
  • jars

Recycle Aluminum and other Metal


Clean Aluminum and Metal Cans
  • steel
  • tin
  • aluminum

Recycle Paper Items


Paper, Magazines and Flattend Cardboard
  • white paper
  • colored paper
  • letters
  • junk mail
  • dry food boxes
  • paper bags
  • cardboard
  • newspapers and magazines
  • telephone directories


Non-Recyclable Items

All items with the #3, #4, and #5 recycle markings.
Clear plastic food tray covers
Microwaveable food trays
Paint cans
Oil cans
Auto glass
Disposable diapers
Plastic toys
Plastic buckets
Plastic bags
Rubber products
Waxed paper
Wet or soiled paper
Window glass
Pyrex glass
Light bulbs
Fluorescent light tubes
Household trash
Food waste
Yard waste

Residents who wish to limit or stop delivery of directories should visit and submit their requests as soon as possible to ensure receipt in advance of future delivery cycles.





Residential Green Waste

Green toters/containers are for all yard trimmings such as: grass, tree branches, sawdust, green plants, weeds – basically all organic material generated from your yard work.  All items must be able to fit into the cart with the lid closed. If necessary, cut up trimmings to increase the amount of yard waste that fits in the green cart. Do not place yard waste in plastic bags. Plastic bags are not compostable and they will contaminate the yard waste.




Bulk Waste

Items that are too large or too heavy to fit in the toters/containers can be picked up by Allied Waste at no charge.