Animal Control

My name is Stephanie Eaton. I am the Animal Control Officer for the City of Imperial. I have been with the City over 14 years and have been ACO for almost 3 months. I love this job and all the dogs I handle. Thank you for all your help and support!
Animals that are picked up/released the same business day are subject to the release fee. Those that are held past 10am the following day and everyday thereafter are subject to an additional boarding fee of $25 per day up to 5 days. After 5 days they will be taken to the Humane Society of Imperial County for adoption. We are unable to do adoptions from our pound.
As a reminder vaccinations and licenses are required for all dogs in the city. Those not having vaccines will need to show proof after your dog is released within a week. Licenses can also be purchased at that time.
If after hours looking for lost animals, check the pound at 720 E 14th St. They can be viewed through the fence. Once identified they can be released the following business day after 8am at our office with a release fee and proof of current rabies vaccination.
The City of Imperial does not pick up live stray and feral cats. However we do pick up deceased cats.
Release: (per animal released)
1st offense = $35
2nd offense = $70
3rd offense = $140
Spayed/neutered = $10
Unaltered = $50
10 days = $250
Relinquishment Fee = $40