Planning Commission Applications Now Open


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the term of 2 Planning Commissioners has expired for the city of Imperial.
The City Council intends to make appointments for the two seats to the Planning Commission during its meeting of December 6, 2017.  The term is for four (4) years.
Water & Sewer Rate FAQ's

With the City's recent release of the water and sewer rate study we've received some questions from the public. We have put together some information that we hope you will find helpful during this process. Our FAQ's listed below respond directly to feedback we have received from our residents. Should you have addition questions please call (760) 355-3842. 

Why did the City of Imperial conduct a rate study?

There are three primary reasons for rate increases; increasing regulatory mandates, aging infrastructure, and inflation. It is common practice to conduct a rate study every three to five years. The last rate study was conducted in 2009, with the last rate increase implemented in 2013. The City has continued to perform major repairs to the water and sewer systems without fully passing on those costs to our account holders.

Water & Sewer Rate Open House

In response the water and sewer utility rate study recently released by the City of Imperial, the City will be hosting a series of open house workshops for residents. These open house(s) will be taking place on November 14 and 28, 2017 at the City of Imperial Council Chambers located at 220 W 9th Street in Imperial, CA. The workshops will feature stations that will help answer the community's questions related to the proposition 218 process, protest ballots, infrastructure expenditures and utility bill calculation stations. We encourage residents who attend these workshops to bring their most recent utility bill with them. Our staff will assist in the calculation process to see how these rate increases will effect you. 

Notice to Residents Public Hearing on Water & Sewer Rates

The City of Imperial last performed a water and sewer rate study in 2009. Since then, the City has implemented the rate structure as outlined in that study with the last increase occurring in August 2013. The City has continued to perform major repairs to water and sewer systems without fully passing these costs to our rate payers. The City Council of the City of Imperial contracted Bartle Wells & Associates to perform a water and sewer rate study. The findings of the study determined the rate increases projected to provide sufficient funds for operations and infrastructure spending.

Imperial Market Days 2017-2018 Season Calendar

The Imperial Market Days 2017-2018 Season is just around the corner. As we wait for the weather to break, Imperial's Department of Community Services has announced the dates for this year. Mark your calendars and get ready for seven fun filled events! If you would like to become a vendor, please download the Imperial Market Days vendor packet. For questions or more information, please contact the City of Imperial Department of Community Services at (760) 355-3316 or visit their new office location at 124 West 9th Street, Suite A in Imperial, Ca.