Community Facilities District (CFD's)

  1. 2004-1 Victoria Ranch

  2. 2004-2 Mayfield

  3. 2004-3 Bratton

  4. 2005-1 Springfield

  5. 2006-1 Monterrey Park

  6. 2006-2 Savannah Ranch

CFD Prepayment Procedures

Prepayment Request:

1. A Property Owner will make a written request (email is sufficient) to prepay the Facilities Special Tax portion using the approved Prepayment Demand Letter. The Prepayment request can be sent to Koppel and Gruber Public Finance (KGPF) at You can also contact KGPF directly at (888) 510-0290.

The request will include:

a) The Assessor Parcel Number (APN);
b) The address of the property;
c) Name of owner or buyer;
d) Size of home (square footage of living space);
e) Legal description of property; and
f) Percentage to be prepaid (either 100% or partial prepayment percentage).

2. KGPF will confirm the calculation, and notify the Requester (please allow approximately 10 days).

To make a Prepayment:

  1. The Prepayment amount is made with a copy of the Prepayment Demand Letter.

  2. KGPF will prepare and send a Prepayment Letter noting the Prepayment of the Facilities Special Tax portion of the CFD, to the property owner.

  3. An office copy will be maintained on file for all completed Prepayments.

Please note:

  1. Prepayment can be made for any home, at any time.

  2. This prepayment is only for the Facilities Special Tax. The Services Special Tax will continue to be levied annually.

  3. Prepayments may be made in any increments and will reduce all future payments based on the percentage prepaid.

  4. Prepayments do not include any amounts already placed on the tax rolls for the current year. Such amounts shall be paid prior to the issuance of a Prepayment Letter.

  5. Rates are calculated each annually and are effective July through June.

  6. Any Prepayments received after May 31 of any year will be credited to and receive a tax levy for the next Fiscal Year.

  7. This Prepayment does not include any other assessments (Services, School, Assessments, etc).